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Farm Facts

Maple Syrup - How to Keep


If you're Maple Syrup is not open, it's shelf stable. Once you open the syrup, we recommend storing the product in the refrigerator or the freezer!

Raw Honey - How to Keep


Our honey is a raw goldenrod honey. All we do is cut the comb, spin, and filter. Raw honey does not need to be refrigerated. 

My honey crystallized!


Don't worry! That's a good sign of real honey. Raw Honey will crystallize, making a consistency that is spreadable. We actually prefer it this way! If you like it more fluid, fill a pot with hot water from your tap and place the jar in the pot. Do not microwave or place in boiling water!

What are the nutritional facts of Maple Syrup?


Per 1/3rd Cup

Calories - 273

Sodium - 2 mg

Potassium - 6 % of RDI

Sugar - 71 g

Calcium - 7% of RDI

Iron - 7% of RDI

ZInc - 28% of RDI

Manganese - 165% of RDI

24 Antioxidants 

What are the nutritional facts of Honey?


Per 1/3rd Cup

Calories - 433

Sodium - 5 mg

Sugar - 93

Trace Amounts of:

Sodium and Potassium

Calcium and Magnesium

Vitamins B, C, K

Naturally Found Antioxidants

Due to it's raw nature, honey should not be given to children under the age of 2. 

Is there alcohol in the Bourbon Syrup?


No, we simply aged our Bourbon Syrup in used Bourbon Barrels. Our process is simple, we take used bourbon barrels and fill them with boiling water. After draining the water, we take our syrup to 185 degrees F and fill the barrel. After aging for about 8 weeks, we drain the barrels, take to the syrup 185 degrees F, filter, and bottle. And with a little bit of love, we provide a fan favorite!